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Owning Property in Mexico

If you're looking for luxury homes in Mexico, come to Los Cabos where visitors take in the incredible scenery of Cabo San Lucas and find prime Mexican real estate.  Take a sunny Saturday afternoon and tour our stunning scenery and luxurious Mexico real estate all along the fabulous Los Cabos corridor extending from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas.

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Land ownership has a long history in Mexico dating all the way back to the 1500s. Understanding the history of Mexican land will go a long way in comprehending the country's current regulations on foreign ownership of its valuable real estate.

Today, foreign citizens cannot technically "own" land in certain regions of Mexico. These regions are any property within 60 miles from any Mexican border or within 30 miles of any Mexican coastline-which includes Los Cabos. However, there are procedures in place that allow citizens from all over the world to own real estate in Mexico through trusts. 

As the largest real estate agent in Los Cabos, Snell Real Estate is the most qualified agent to help you understand Mexican land ownership. Explore our multitude of Mexican property resources: